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What are mica powders?

Mica powder are natural purified fine powders, used for various reflective color applications.

Mica are known primarily for their use in cosmetics, soaps, bath bombs, paints , plastics rubbers and epoxy. Mica Powder are common, natural and chemical coloring ingredients. They can resist nearly all mediums like chemicals, acids, gasses, alkalies and oils. making them the perfect ingredient for vibrant colors. They are not absorbed by the skin and leave no stains. They are a perfect choice for DIY projects such as soap making, bath bombs, cosmetic and resin art.

DIY Mica Tinted Lip Balm Ingredients:

What :

1-2 Tablespoons beeswax pellets

11/2 teaspoons butter

11/2 Tablespoons coconut oil

2-3 drops vitamin E oil

4 drops of peppermint essential oil

Pink Orcheer looks mica powder

5 empty lip balm tubes

Clear glass measuring cup

Craft stick for stirring


Add the beeswax, butter, and coconut oil to your glass measuring cup and microwave for one minute or until the ingredients have melted.

Mix in the vitamin E oil and peppermint oil.

Dip the end of your craft stick into your mica powder and add just a pinch of mica powder (a little goes a long way ) and stir until dissolved .You can add more for a darker shade; just remember to add it slowly.

Cautiously pour your melted ingredients into your empty lip balm tubes and let them sit for about 30minutes , and you are ready for your perfect Pout.

DIY bath bomb


1 cup baking soda

1/4 cup citric acid

8 drops lavender essential oil

1-2 tablespoons of filtered water

Orcheer looks natural mica powder for Color Amount can be adjusted to your liking


Pour Everything in a large mixing bowl along with your desired color of Mica.

Using your hands or the spoon provided, add in just a little water at a time and mix .

You’ll be able to feel the consistency. It should be wet smooth sand consistency that will hold its shape when you pressed together.

Quickly press the mixture into the mold size of your choice making sure to push all the way down on each one so the finished bath bomb will hold their shape.

Allow your soothing bath bomb to dry for 12-24 hours. The time to dry will purely depend on the humidity and size of the molds. The bath bombs are ready when the feel hard, day a little brittle . They should pop right out of the molds.

Store them in an air tight container.

They will last longer this way!

Tips and Triks:

Use Us in Cold Press Soaps too.

Dispersing Orcheer micas into alcohol before adding them to melt and pour soap makes them easier to mix in

Start with 2 teaspoons of Orcheer colorant per pound of soap, and feel free to add more if you want a brighter color

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