25+ Home Decor Ideas for $50 or Less

If you can't spring a big-ticket, floor-to-ceiling remodel, don't let that stifle your decorating enthusiasm. With these inexpensive decor ideas, just a few small changes make rooms seem brand-new.

1) Swing-Arm Lamp

Brightening your day is a little easier with an adjustable light straight out of a Pixar short. The mini-me is not included, however.

2)Marble Accents

Marbled patterns are popping everywhere from phone cases to nail art — and your sofa should be no exception. Besides, it's way cheaper than installing new countertops.

3) Peppy Clock

If you're going to run late, you might as well do it in style. Fluorescent clock hands pop out from across the kitchen for those moments when you're really in a hurry.

4)Succulent Planter

No green thumb needed. This petite ceramic pot also fits a decorative candle, in case your "weekly" waterings happen more like once a month.

5)Waste Basket

Find the motivation you need to finally sort through the mail pile. Ahh, so that's what a clean desk looks like.

6)Salt Lamp

It may or may not be the secret to happiness at home, but either way Himalayan salt looks gorgeous aglow. Cue the mood lighting.

7)Jewelry Organizer

Wrangle tiny studs (and those constantly-disappearing earring backs) with a clever catchall. Oh, and this one's pretty enough to sit on your nightstand.

8)Mini Vases

Even a few blooms can take center stage in this quick display. With eight teeny tubes, each sprig stands alone (and upright!) without any fuss.

9)Shimmery Decals

No need for stencils. These peel-and-stick polka dots pep up a kid's room — or your own, no judgement — without a permanent paint job.

10) Bread Box

You won't mind losing a smidge of counter space to this storage tin. No more stale bagels and some kitchen eye candy? Chalk that up to a win.

11)Herringbone Throw

Hop on the hygge trend and snuggle up under a cozy blanket. Don't forget to make a cup of tea!

12)Colorful Perch

Let's be real. The kitchen island hosts more dinners than the actual dining room. These industrial-style stools add more seating in a pinch, and easily stack up when meal time's over.

13)Desk Accessories

Paperwork has met its match. Dotting your I's and crossing your T's doesn't seem so bad with a neon pen in hand.

14) Agate Coasters

Coffee table rings don't stand a chance against these pretty stone slices. Now if only you could get guests to use them...

15)Storage Ladder

Free up some space in the linen closet with a vertical display for towels or blankets. Plus, there's a designated spot for each family member's washcloth.

16)Geode Pulls

A little shimmer never hurts. Setting the table or grabbing the coffee, unexpected hardware adds a glam factor to the daily routine.

17)Pop of Paint

Before you chuck leftover wall paint (or a pint-sized store sample!), refresh the frame of an old chair. There was a reason you loved that color in the first place.

18) Casual Runner

Skip the tablecloth and set the table with a casual runner instead. The dining room feels lighter and brighter already.

19)Covered Knobs

Upgrade dresser pulls with pretty fabric swatches. It's a pop of pattern you'll notice, even when you're fumbling for that matching sock. 

20)Rosy Lighting

Pink light bulbs cast a soothing, flattering glow that transforms a bedroom into a boudoir.

21)Nesting Storage

A trio of suede trays, which unsnap to store flat, merge form and function on any bedside table.

22)Printed Dish Towel

Waffle-weave cotton printed with paisley adds a hit of pattern to dish drying.

23)Paint With Pow

The speediest way to give a room a new look on the cheap: Paint an accent wall a high-contrast color — here, we used Waterfall Blue on the wall behind the sofa (so you don't have to face it from every angle). All you need is a single quart to make the transformation.

24)Workspace Essentials

A 14-inch-long magnetic strip turns any spare wall into command central, holding notes, invites, etc.

25) Clutter Control

A chic touch that beats huddling around a phone: This clean-lined album holds 24 photos between its linen-bound pages.

Bring home a bit of the beach with seashell-motif coasters; the quartet is made of shatterproof, dishwasher-safe melamine.


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